Simple, fast, flexible – that’s how assembly works with Robotunits products.

And now it’s even easier, faster, and more flexible, because our inserter saves valuable assembly time with the simplest handling: The bar magnets embedded in the inserter make it possible to screw and unscrew the drop-in nuts with one hand while the drop-in nut remains in the right place with every movement.
The design of our inserter reduces play and thus improves the handling of the drop-in nuts.
A flattening on the handle prevents rolling away. The ergonomic handling facilitates exact positioning.

Ingeniously simple – or maybe simply ingenious?!

Zakladač matic


  • Built-in bar magnets
  • Unscrew and reinsert in one step with just one hand
  • Flattening on handle


  • Simple handling
  • Significant time savings during assembly
  • No rolling away

Simple - Fast - Flexible