Lift Station

Conveyor technology at the next level

The variable Robotunits lift station enables energy-efficient transport of conveyed goods on two levels. With a speed of up to 1m/s and an acceleration of up to 3m/s², goods are conveyed to the right place in dimensionally stable containers. The standard conveying height is up to 5 meters. The highlight: The complete conveyor technology from the Robotunits Modular Automation System can be integrated. For Powered Roller Conveyor systems, the lift station is available as a plug and play solution. This way, conveying on two levels becomes child’s play.


  • plug-and-play for powered roller conveyor systems
  • standard stroke up to 5m
  • complete Robotunits conveyor technology can be integrated into the lift station


  • no control required
  • conveying on two levels possible
  • multifunctional use