MBS PickStar

The versatile MBS PickStar

Achieve maximum flexibility in material flow and handling: Modern factories are geared towards high speed production. The MBS PickStar impresses with a small number of multifunctional components which are suitable for a wide range of applications. In addition, it is extremely quiet.

Customized lengths and widths

  • track length and width can be easily adjusted
  • no tools needed to change the track width
  • additional tracks can be added if load requires

Easily adjustable inclination angle

  • multifunctional tube clamp serves as a connecting element, can be mounted to the front end or along the extrusion t-slot
  • infinitely adjustable inclination angle
  • Braking elements and sliding rails can be inserted anywhere on the track to regulate the conveying speed

Safe and rigid design

  • sturdy, low-noise system
  • Tight-fitting roller tracks and sliding rails prevent contamination
  • antistatic and partly ESD-compliant
  • anti-reverse can be placed anywhere on the track and can also be used as fill level indicator

High flexibility

  • freely accessible extrusion t-slots for mounting additional components
  • roller tracks and slide rails can be used with all extrusions in the modular system
  • quick assembly without special tools
  • system can be easily adjusted for new requirements

Material supply with system

  • all components fully compatible with the Robotunits Modular Automation System
  • variable inserts allow safe feeding and removal
  • countless application possibilities due to optimal use of the 14mm extrusion t-slot
  • reduced inventory cost due to multifunctional parts
  • can be integrated into existing extrusion constructions at any time

Save time, cut cost

  • minimal design effort, simple ordering, ready-to-use
  • snap-in connections for quick assembly
  • easy to use, minimal training required
  • fully customizable system