Shipping FAQ

Shipping FAQ

Here you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions you may have about Robotunits shipping process

Please email and let us know which quote/order you need a shipping quote for

Please email with your order/job number and request what you need

Please contact the carrier that the order was shipped with and to try to locate it.  If it can’t be located and the order was shipped on your account, please file a claim to get the cost refunded to replace the order and the shipping cost.  If it is on Robotunits account, please email and let us know the order hasn’t been received and we will file a claim to get the cost of the order back and ship a new order to the customer

If paperwork had the correct delivery address, please contact the shipping company to pick up the order for the wrong address and schedule a delivery to the correct address

Please take as many pictures as possible to show the packaging/items damages.  If the shipping was done with your company account, please contact the shipping company to file a claim.  If it was set up with our Robotunits account, please inform us ASAP and provide any documentation such as pictures and a notation on the Bill of Lading from the driver (if the packaging is noticeably damaged) Then we will file the claim and provide you with replacements for what is damaged

Please email us at and notify us so we can send the correct parts out.

Double check with your receiving department to make sure it isn’t in house. If there are other companies in the same building please check to make sure it wasn’t delivered to one of them by mistake

These shipments must be arranged by the customer

How we ship

These are the companies and methods of shipping that we use