Powered Roller Conveyor System

Customized and ready for immediate use

No matter the direction: With the Robotunits 24V Powered Roller Conveyor, your goods will be transported gently according to your individual requirements. Our multi-faceted system is ideally suited for zero-pressure accumulation conveying of goods, boxes or other containers in industrial applications. Thanks to pre-installed control electronics, the Powered Roller Conveyor can be used immediately.


  • variety of roller conveyor modules
  • plug and play, fully integrated control electronics
  • poly-V belt power transmission with integrated safey cover


  • modular layout allows for zero-pressure, energy efficient conveying in all directions
  • immediate deployment, cost and time efficient
  • safe and low maintenance

Special features

  • our Powered Roller Conveyor is certified for certain dimensions according to EN ISO 14644 for clean rooms.
  • our product specialists are happy to help you with your projects.