Linear Motion Unit

The standard linear technology for individual needs

The Robotunits Linear Motion Technology consist of our Extrusion and Fastening Technology, as well as a hardened guide rail developed in-house. Single or double idlers are available for the linear motion unit, depending on the load. The quick and modular design saves time in design and assembly. You can find more technical details in our webshop.


  • simple, modular design in the 50mm extrusion series, construction lengths up to 12m possible
  • can be combined and integrated into the complete Modular Automation System
  • hardened guiderails allow heavy loads


  • cost effective and customized axis system
  • short design, assembly and delivery times
  • high wear resistance allows smooth and quiet operation

Default values

  • length: up to 6 meters
  • continuous in 50mm extrusion series
  • maximum torque (drive torque): 60Nm
  • positioning accuracy ±0.2mm (excl. drive backlash)

Special features

  • playfree datum edge positioning of the guide rail to the extrusion
  • expansion coupling system
  • integrated limit stop