Timing Belt Conveyor 80



for transport tasks of all kinds

  • indexing
  • positioning
Product features
Timing Belt Conveyor 80
Timing Belt Conveyor 80 drive options
Timing Belt Conveyor - triple lane
Toothed belt conveyor with special belts and cleats
Timing Belt Conveyor with cleats
Timing Belt Conveyor | Robotunits

Product Information

Standard belt

  • accumulation (non-adhesive)
  • medium-adhesive
  • adhesive

Special belt

  • with cleats
  • with brass inserts
  • adhesive

Drive options

  • front end timing belt drive
  • timing Belt Lane Without Motor
  • front end timing belt drive, double lane
  • front end timing belt drive, triple lane
  • timing belt lane with splined shaft hub


front end timing belt drive, double lane

6m/min up to 66m/min

Conveyed material total load


Drive power 230/400V

0.25kW to 0.37kW


  • number of teeth = 32 teeth
  • pitch circle diameter: 101.85mm

Belt Type

  • adhesive for incline transport
  • accumulative
  • etc.


Application solutions