Exploring the Design and Benefits of Modular Conveyor Systems - Part IV

This month’s blog post on our Just-in-Time Conveyor technology focuses on our Modular Belt Conveyors, which we designed for tough applications. Featuring straight sections, as well as curves and inclines, these conveyors can transport heavy loads or sharp-edged parts, such as stamped metal. Like our other conveyor series, our Modular Belt units also come with a wide range of belt options and accessories.

Combine Straight, Curved and Inclined

Our Modular Belt Conveyors are available in two shapes: straight and curved. Thanks to their flexible design, you can combine straight, curved and inclined sections — all with a single drive. This design also allows products to be pushed off laterally. In addition, each Modular Belt features fully guided belt edges, as well as catenary sags that are enclosed with transparent covers.

Benefits of our Modular Belt Conveyors:

  • Standard widths: 150 to 2,000 mm (straight) or 215 to 1,215 mm (curved)
  • Direct end drive or timing belt drive options
  • Speeds from 6 to 50 m / min (straight) or 6 to 30 m / min (curved)
  • Various belt designs: flights, grip-top, side guards or fingers (combs)
  • No pinch areas
  • Fit for demanding applications, including accumulation, incline, heavy loads and sharp-edged parts

Integrate Accessories with Ease

Our Modular Belt Conveyors, like our other conveyor series, are compatible with our universal extrusion system, making it a quick, easy and cost-effective process to attach accessories and other structural elements. In addition to facilitating part integration, these extrusions – with their concave surfaces and tubular honeycomb structure – enable you to create safe, vibration-safe systems with outstanding torsion and load resistance.


To learn more about our Modular Belt Conveyors, visit our product page .