Enhancing Extrusion Systems Durability and Rigidity With Unique Fasteners

One of the major advantages of our modular automation system is rigidity—owing to the unique interaction between our extrusions and patented fastening technology. This combination creates stiff, vibration-safe systems that can go where no other extrusion system has gone before.


Let’s take a closer look at how our fastening technology works, including the ways it lets you mix-and-match extrusions while providing several tons of tensile strength each.

Simple. Easy. Strong.

Our form-locating and play-free fastening technology lets you connect extrusions with strength comparable to welded connections. In fact, a single fastener provides up to 4 tons of tensile strength. Each system includes space-saving fasteners, standard screws and centering insertion pieces that when tightened, prevent the screw from loosening. Coupled with the extrusions’ concave surface geometry, this interplay between fastening components guarantees durability and stiffness—even in the presence of vibration.


In addition, each fastener provides equal strength on both sides of the connection, achieving twice the strength using only one component—no additional connectors, drilling or milling required.

The Advantages of This Play-Free System

Due to the play-free nature of each connection, our fastening technology achieves 100-percent repeatability in applications ranging from conveyor systems to linear motion gantries. Thanks to a universal 14-millimeter T-slot on all our extrusions, this system also cuts down on the number of parts you need: simply insert the drop-in nut into the slot, and the resulting leaf spring assembly guarantees contact surface and protects the nut from unintended movement.

Fastening Technology Benefits

  • Minimal assembly time
  • Ability to easily integrate struts without dismantling the frame
  • No need to cut existing structures
  • Ability to easily reposition the struts at any time
  • No need to measure boreholes or commit to drawings
  • No surface treatment required

Learn More...

To get started, simply specify your extrusion length—and let our fasteners do the rest.


To learn more about our fastening technology, visit our product page. And be on the lookout for our next blog post, which will explore how our fastening technology reduces vibration and decreases build times in robotic systems.