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Combining Modular Belt Conveyors To Build an Effective Automated Accumulation and Indexing System

Operating out of Pennsylvania, Weldon Solutions manufactures and services CNC grinders, designs and integrates robotic automation solutions to satisfy a variety of applications. We recently combined two C8M Modular Belt Conveyors on a single frame to meet project requirements, and here is what they had to say about Robotunits and our solution!


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“I asked our electrical and application engineers about their experience with these conveyors. They were both impressed with the build quality and the safety features of the units. We had a 3rd party risk assessment completed on the cell, and there were no issues with the conveyors at all. Also, on the part infeed conveyor, the belt seemed to stand up well to metal parts sliding on the surface. It did not seem like there was any wear on the belt surface after our process development and installation, so durability should not be an issue. We are very familiar with Robotunits extrusion, so having conveyors with the same extrusion used for the structure made our lives much easier. Adding sensors and additional framework for peripherals was not a problem and looked clean and professional when finished.”

Ryan Heller
Mechanical Engineer, Weldon Solutions