Modular Seventh-Axis Actuators: The Flexible Way to Optimize Your Shop Floor

When it’s time to consider a system to carry parts or materials long distances across a factory floor or between multiple workstations, you have a number of options to choose from. Stationary robots may come to mind, but they typically have limited reach or lack the speed or efficiency necessary to meet aggressive production or logistics goals. And, such a system may require too many individual units to be feasible.


If you decide the layout requires linear motion, you can choose a gantry system that offers good precision. However, a gantry can be prohibitively expensive or it may occupy too much overhead space. Another option, combining a robotic arm with a linear axis, is cost-effective and has more functionality.




Seventh-axis actuators offer automation engineers flexible motion, exceptional precision and repeatability plus cost savings. One such system from Robotunits offers all these benefits in an easy-to-implement and scalable assembly. This seventh-axis actuator can transport objects across distances ranging from a few inches to 50 feet or more. Depending on the driving method you choose, the actuator can offer linear accuracy of 0.8 millimeters per meter, with repeatability of 0.2 millimeters per meter and speeds up to 5 meters per second.




Actuator options include belt drive for medium size loads and long lifetimes, ball screw or rack and pinion to handle loads of hundreds or thousands of pounds with good torque, or linear motor to handle lighter loads at higher speeds. With a seven-axis system, plant operators can create an entire system for less than $50,000 and save significant design time.


The Robotunits seventh-axis system is part of our modular automation system. Thanks to identically sized brackets, gussets, frames and our proprietary fastening technology, automation designers can create an end-to-end, plug-and-play layout. That means the seventh-axis actuator can be combined with other Robotunits conveyors, material handling components, safety fencing and machine frames

Benefits include...

  • A smaller bill of materials

  • Easy installation and scalability

  • Time and labor savings.


Greater Flexibility To Meet Your Production Needs

Flexible seventh-axis actuators transport loads longer distances and across multiple workstations with precision. The result: greater production efficiency and labor savings on the shop floor. Robotunits’ modular seventh-axis actuator adds to these benefits by providing a simple, fast and cost-effective way to build a complete, end-to-end automated system that can adapt to your production needs and optimize your use of floor space.


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