How You Can Create Durable Robotic Frames with Our Vibration-Safe Extrusion Technology

In our last blog post, we explored the ways our patented fastening technology reduces vibration in our aluminum extrusion systems. This capability opens the door to an application that, until now, has been dominated by steel: robotic frames.

The Many Benefits of Aluminum

Most extrusion systems feature fasteners and other hardware that loosen over time, opening these structures up to vibration. To avoid these harmful effects, machine designers tend to reach for steel when assembling a robotic frame. Although steel does have its benefits, it can easily drive up costs – especially where handling is concerned. It also doesn’t offer the flexibility of other material systems



Our aluminum extrusions, on the other hand, feature fasteners, standard screws and centering insertion pieces that keep the screw from loosening when tightened. This interaction between the extrusions and fasteners achieves high tensile strength – up to 4 tons per fastener – and avoids loosening of hardware and misalignment due to potential vibration.

Using our aluminum extrusions to create robotic frames enables you to...

  • Avoid the pitfalls of over-engineering It’s easy to over-engineer robotic frames that are made from steel. Our aluminum extrusions, on the other hand, avoid this issue – creating a cost-effective solution.
  • Enhance your robotic frame’s durability – at less cost In terms of vibration safety, our fastening technology is comparable to welded steel, enabling you to design and assemble lighter, more flexible robotic frames at significantly less cost.
  • Build out with ease . Thanks to the mix-and-match nature of our aluminum extrusions, you can easily build out your robotic frame at any time. For example, you can integrate conveyors or attach proximity switches, light curtains and other safety devices using our universal T-slot system. Building out our aluminum frames is a faster, more cost-effective process compared to steel frames, which require drilling.\
  • Improve system customizabilityWhen using our aluminum extrusion systems, all you have to do is specify your extrusion length and diameter size – and our fasteners do the rest. This ability to mix-and-match extrusions lets us easily customize your robotic frame according to your unique application needs.

  • Enjoy faster lead times – Compared to steel structures, which often require longer lead times, we can deliver our aluminum extrusions the next day – lessening the time it takes you to assemble your robotic frame. Due to the lightweight nature of aluminum, our frames are also easier to handle and transport. As a result of these benefits, you can build more within the same amount of time, increasing your throughput.

Learn More...

To learn more about our aluminum extrusions and fasteners, visit our product page.


Be on the lookout for a video in the coming weeks that showcases some of the robotic frames we’ve created using this patented technology.