Exploring the Design and Benefits of Modular Conveyor Systems - Part I

We’ve recently explored the many benefits of our Modular Automation System, which provides excellent rigidity and flexibility, thanks to our extrusions and patented fastening technology. These advantages extend to another area of automation: conveyors.


Seamlessly integrating our conveyors into our Modular Automation System can save you cost and valuable design and assembly time. In the next several blog posts, we’re taking a deeper dive into these systems, which include the following conveyor types:

Belt Conveyors

These systems come with your choice of belt types, drive options, position and speed. Each conveyor can include a stand, flexible side guides and other accessories as needed.

Modular Belt Conveyors

For tough applications, these conveyors incorporate straight sections, curves and inclines with a single drive. Like our Belt Conveyors, these come with a wide range of belt options and accessories.

Timing Belt Conveyors

Thanks to their V-guided timing belt, these conveyors can precisely position and transport your products. The belt surface is available with different covers and attachments.

Powered Roller Conveyors

These plug-and-play, 24-volt conveyors transport containers, totes and boxes with precision and efficiency, and are ideal for zero-pressure accumulation. You can also control each zone separately.

All conveyor systems are fully compatible with our extrusions and include an accessible T-slot on three sides of the conveyor frame, making it quick and easy to attach accessories or other structural elements.

Other Benefits include...

  • Fast delivery times.
  • Custom sizes — choose any standard frame width between 40 and 1,200 millimeters and any conveyor length up to 12 meters
  • Flexibility in drive options and positions
  • Standard speeds between 2.6 and 58 meters / minute (higher speeds available upon request).
  • Many belt options, including accumulation belts, low and high friction belts and durable belts for abrasive applications
Be on the lookout for upcoming blog posts, which will explore these conveyor types, designs and benefits more closely. In the meantime, you can learn more about our conveyor technology by visiting our product page .