‌How cobot stations are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry and which benefits they bring

From tradition to innovation

‌In the ever-evolving world of manufacturing, the integration of advanced technologies has become a critical factor for the industry as it continuously strives for greater efficiency, safety and cost effectiveness. ‌One of these innovations is the collaborative robot, or cobot.‌ Unlike traditional robots that operate independently, cobot applications are designed to work harmoniously with human workers and revolutionize the manufacturing landscape.

‌In this blog, you will learn about the diverse potential of cobot stations and the benefits of using them in manufacturing processes.

Cobot-Stations of the Robotunits Modular Automation System

- economical, efficient and maybe soon unevitalbe

Manufacturing companies face the daily challenge of compensating for rising costs in production and for the use of materials by finding cost-efficient alternatives. ‌Cobots offer a solution for precisely this. ‌Unlike human personnel, who incur continuous costs, the one-time investment in automation pays for itself with each work step. ‌This allows companies to significantly reduce their costs while ensuring consistent and efficient production.

‌To keep this one-time investment as simple and low as possible, a collaborative robot can be integrated into existing production facilities or manufacturing areas using a simple setup. ‌This customized Cobot Station from Robotunits already supports some companies in their manufacturing as a modular substructure for collaborative robots.

Cobot-Station Komponenten im Detail: Aluminiumpfrofile, Profilscharniere, Profilhandgriffe von Robotunits

Aluminiumprofil 40x120 zugeschnitten, beidseitig M6x15, M8x50Extrusion 40x120

Geschäumte Platte, grauPanel elements

Befestigungsprofil aus dem Robotunits SchutzzaunsystemPanel Profile

90° Eckabdeckung zu Befestigungsprofil CAL 4515 und CAL 4517Corner Element 90°

Rasterschanier mit Zentirerteilen aus dem Robotunits Schutzzaunsystem ZubehörHinge

Türschnapper Set aus dem Robotunits Schutzzaunsystem Zubehör
Door Catch

Handgriff Set aus dem Robotunits SchutzzaunsystemHandle


  • 100 % solution of the Robotunits Modular Automation System
  • customized
  • proven application

Customer benefits

  • economical: 5 days delivery time from order
  • ‌can be adapted to on-site conditions
  • ‌compatible for a wide range of cobots
Buffer Solution

‌Increased productivity thanks to the use of a Cobot Station

One of the most important benefits of using a cobot station in manufacturing is the significant increase in productivity. Collaborative robots are designed to perform repetitive, time-consuming tasks with impressive precision and speed, streamlining production operations. By taking over mundane tasks, cobots allow human employees to focus on more complex, creative and value-adding activities. The result: Higher overall productivity – in other words, win-win for everyone.

Safety first: Indispensable in manufacturing

Safety is of paramount importance in any production environment. Cobots are specifically designed to work safely alongside humans and are equipped with advanced sensors and integrated safety features. These sensors enable collaborative robots to detect the presence of nearby humans and automatically slow down or stop to avoid accidents. By eliminating physical barriers between humans and robots, cobot stations create a safer and more collaborative workspace. Simple, fast and flexibly adaptable to the environment, the Robotunits Cobot Station enables safe and efficient human-robot collaboration.

Maximum safety for your cobots: enclosures for robots and machines. The Robotunits safety fence system offers flexibility and time savings in design and assembly thanks to pre-assembled elements.

Quality initiative in manufacturing: Setting new standards

The precise and repeatable movements of the cobots not only contribute to speed in production, but also to improving continuous product quality. They consistently perform tasks with the same accuracy, reducing errors that can occur with human operators due to fatigue or distraction. In addition, cobots can be integrated with quality control systems, enabling real-time monitoring and adjustment, resulting in products that meet the stringent quality standards of modern manufacturing.

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‌Flexible and customizable automation using Cobot

‌Traditional robotic systems often require extensive reprogramming or specialized production lines, limiting their versatility. ‌Cobots, on the other hand, are highly flexible and easy to reprogram, making them ideal for low-volume production and frequent changes to manufacturing processes. ‌Task versatility: collaborative robots are used across industries in a variety of applications. ‌In 2020, the most common cobot applications were assembly, pick-and-place, and material handling operations, which accounted for 52% of all cobot installations.

‌This adaptability ensures that manufacturers can respond quickly to market demands and production fluctuations without incurring significant downtime. ‌With a suitable frame, the cobot is ideally integrated into the existing production. ‌In short: an individual cobot station for your field of application. Ingeniously simple, right?

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To summarize: The essence of manufacturing

In summary, implementing a cobot station in manufacturing brings a number of benefits that can revolutionize your production processes. Higher productivity, lower costs, improved safety and higher product quality are just some of the convincing arguments. With the simple, fast and flexible integration of a cobot station from Robotunits, you create the basis for a new level of efficiency, competitiveness and innovation in your production.

You can find out which advantages our customers particularly appreciate with the cobot station from Robotunits in the video – A visit to ABB in Vienna, at the OmniCore™ training portfolio.

We at ABB opted for two Robotunits Cobot Stations as part of our mobile training portfolio at our Wiener Neudorf site. It was particularly important to us to get a complete solution. Despite individual wishes and adjustments regarding the bracket and mounting plate, we were supplied with a ready-made product within 4 weeks. This simplicity and flexibility were decisive reasons for us to choose Robotunits.

Sales Manager (Robotics Service Austria, ABB)

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