Allround Single Doors

The all-rounder with maximum safety for your machine

With this safety fence system, the panels are simply hooked into the pre-assembled fence posts and can be quickly removed and re-installed if required. The enclosures provide large-area access and are therefore particularly suitable for machine replacement or inspection work in industrial applications. Our safety fence system can be individually configured.

Product features

Allround Single Door, Weld Mesh, hinge on the left



Allround Single Door, Weld Mesh, hinge on the right



Allround Single door, Polycarbonate, hinge on the left



Allround Single Door, Polycarbonate, hinge on the right



Scope of delivery

  • 2 Post Extrusions 40 x 40 PIL 4180
  • 1 Horizontal Extrusion 40 x 40 PIL 4140
  • 4 Door Panel Extrusions 40 x 40 PIL 4140
  • 6 Fasteners FAS 4043, conductive
  • 4 90° Safety Fence Fasteners TIN 4521
  • 4 End Caps CAP 4041
  • 2 End Caps CAP 4081
  • 4 Safety Fence Floor Brackets BAP 2051
  • 1 Handle DOR 4501
  • 3 Hinges DOR 4511
  • 1 Door Catch DOR 4553
  • 1 Door Stop DOR 4555
  • 2 Screw Retainers SSP 5500

Panel option

  • Weld mesh or 4mm thick Polycarbonate

Design tip

  • Safety fence door elements may need to be additionally grounded


  • Aluminum satin anodized
  • galvanized steel
  • powder coated, chrome silver steel
  • black ABS V0 composite

Panel option

Weld mesh or polycarbonate


Weld mesh and frame conductive

Safety fence floor bracket with height adjustment