Linear motion unit standard LIL 1010 SNN 2000

Linear motion unit
Completely pre-assembled, consisting of:

• Robotunits extrusion, support extrusion made from PIL1010, carriage plate made from PIL2520
• PU-Timing belt LIL3008 with steel wire strands
• Guide rail LIL5000 from hardened and brushed steel
• Timing belt pulley LIN5400 with effective diameter of 63,66mm
• Limit stop LIN5191 as protection of the linear components
• Concentric and eccentric idlers for adjusting the pre-load of the carriage

Technical data:

• Stroke length [mm]: 2000
• Total length [mm]: 2540
• Positioning accuracy [mm]: +/- 0,2
• Maximum drive torque, Md max. [Nm]: 60
• Maximum radial load per roller, Fr max. [N]: 1500
• Maximum axial load per roller, Fa max. [N]: 750N