Sorting of conveyed goods with various sizes.
Can be integrated into any conveyor line.

Product features
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Diverter with cover plate
Diverter with cover plate
Track with diverters
Track with diverters


For discharging and sorting of conveyed goods

  • The Robotunits Diverter can be used to individually sort conveyed goods of different types and sizes up to 35kg.


  • continuously adjustable angle of ejection from -90° to +90°
  • control electronics, operating voltage 24VDC
  • sorting of up to 6000 products per hour


  • enables flexible production flow
  • easy installation and fast connection to all common PLC systems
  • faster material flow

Technical data


  • brushless 24V DC motor for rotary motion and rollers (2 motorized rollers per conveyor line)
  • temperature range from +2°C bis +40°C
  • max. continuous current per motorized roller: 2.5A
  • turning range: – 90° to + 90°
  • housing material: coated steel
  • roller material: PU
  • max. weight of conveyed material: 35kg
  • max. throughput: 6,000 products per hour
  • max. roller speed: 90m/min