Multifunctional Accessories

Multifunctional and compatible in the entire Modular Automation System

Each part in Robotunits Modular Automation System is not intended to perform just one function. The multifunctional accessories fulfill this claim of a world-class system. Each part fulfills a main task, but also fits other modular modules, for maximum flexibility.

Covering or edging in one step

  • universally usable cover and insert extrusion
  • suitable for all extrusions
  • for fastening panel elements with wall thicknesses between 4-8mm
  • as t-slot cover: Protection against dust and splash water
  • cable routing in the extrusion t-slot
  • easy to assemble: snap in and go

Everything is possible

  • one hinge for all extrusions
  • one hinge for all doors
  • attachment of non-Robotunits components possible

Fixing and adjusting at once

  • form-fitting locking
  • infinitely adjustable
  • post-assembly insertion possible

Clamping Device: simply add surface elements

  • enables the assembly of panel elements with wall thicknesses between 3-10mm. no fasteners with drilling required in the panel elements.
  • quick mounting by simply inserting the clamping device into the extrusion t-slot
  • parts can be reused
  • suitable for all extrusions

Safety Interlock: quickly and safely mounted

  • no drilling or machining of the extrusions necessary
  • suitable for all extrusions
  • easy mounting and adjustment
  • Protection class IP67

Save time, cut cost

  • multifunctional accessories reduce your cost of ordering and your inventory overhead
  • standard labeling saves even more time in assembly and storage