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The plug-and-play Powered Roller Conveyor System

Customized and ready for immediate use

The Robotunits roller conveyor system offers innovative solutions in the field of conveyor technology. Roller conveyors from the modular and versatile Robotunits automation system enable the fast, flexible and cost-efficient implementation of all conveyor solutions. The use of high-quality Poly-V belts ensures reliable transportation and low-maintenance operation. The Robotunits roller conveyor system is ideal for simple applications in which plastic containers (SLC) or cardboard boxes as well as workpiece carriers are transported from A to B with zero pressure accumulation. As a standard solution from the modular system, with plug-and-play functionality and already integrated control with ZPA (Zero Pressure Accumulation), the Robotunits powered roller conveyors offer an efficient answer to the requirements of modern conveyor technology.

Powered Roller Conveyor Driven roller conveyors from the Robotunits modular automation system


various technologies in the roller conveyor system


thanks to fully integrated control technology

4 weeks

delivery time for standard modules

Advantages of the Robotunits roller conveyor system

Control units for all powered roller conveyor components

What modules are available in roller conveyor technology?

Powered roller conveyor elements from the Robotunits Modular Automation System

Find out more about the versatile Robotunits roller conveyor system! With a wide selection of components such as turntables, straight sections, mergers, curves, transfer units 90°, diverters, aligning roller conveyors and lift stations, customized roller conveyors can be designed for every requirement. With a variety of multifunctional accessoriessuch as simple stands or side guides from our modular automation system, Robotunits roller conveyors can be designed to meet your needs. Whether standardized application or individual transport requirements:  the Robotunits roller conveyor system offers the right solution. Thanks to its plug-and-play functionality, commissioning is quick and uncomplicated. Discover the versatility of roller conveyor technology with Robotunits!

Rollenförderband Kurve (R5C) - Rollenförderer von Robotunits Powered Roller
Conveyor Curved

Powered Roller Conveyor Curved

Rollenförderband Kurve (R5C) - Rollenförderer von Robotunits

The Powered Roller Conveyor Curved from Robotunits optimizes material transport around curves in the right position without lifting or shifting the conveyed material. This system allows products to be transferred smoothly by 45° or 90°. Adding further modules extends the application to angles from 135° to 180°.

Our customers benefit from the time-saving change of direction of the conveyed material without lifting or shifting. The flexible adaptability of the zones enables individual design and space savings when transporting a wide variety of materials. Basic stands are flexibly adjustable in height. Thanks to the simplicity of the modular system, the stand can even be attached to the ceiling.

Eckumsetzer für Rollenförderer Roller conveyor
Transfer Unit 90°

Roller conveyor Transfer Unit 90°

Eckumsetzer für Rollenförderer

The Robotunits transfer unit 90° from the roller conveyor technology product category provides an efficient solution for transporting material at 90° to the main conveying direction. It acts as a pusher by being able to push material both to the left and right of the straight roller conveyor section as required. This simple change of direction of the material to be transported is achieved by lifting the material to be conveyed via toothed belts and then turning it by 90°. The space-saving, flexible and economical solution from the modular automation system can also be retrofitted to an existing straight roller conveyor, depending on the side guidevariant. In addition, the complete integration of the control system in the system ensures smooth functionality when transportingyour products while protecting the material.

Dreheinheit mit Rollenförderband Roller Conveyor

Roller Conveyor Turntable

Dreheinheit mit Rollenförderband

The Robotunits turntable as the solution for transportation and distribution in the correct position: In the standard application, the turntable transports the material in the desired direction at 0-270°. Its standardized control system enables fast connection, while the standardized design enables rapid configuration and construction of additional components. Special highlight: Thanks to the close position of the construction to the nearest Powered Roller Conveyor, even small products can be transported efficiently. The free profile grooves and the 14 mm uniform T-slot make it easy to attach multifunctional accessories. Thanks to the modular stand, the turntable offers an efficient and adaptable solution for your material handling.

Vertikalförderer mit Rollenbahn Lift Station with
Powered Roller Conveyor

Lift Station with Powered Roller Conveyor

Vertikalförderer mit Rollenbahn

The Lift Station from the Robotunits roller conveyor system is an efficient solution for cross-level material handling in industrial environments: With standardized pre-programming, it enables uncomplicated plug-and-play application at a height of up to 5 meters as standard. The lift can be flexibly equipped with turntables or transfer units 90° to enable lateral movements or redirection of the material.

Customized solutions, filling elements, maintenance doors and much more offer individual adaptation to your requirements. The automatic return protection and integrated fall protection ensure safe material transport. Overall, the Lift Station is a versatile and technically sophisticated solution for a wide range of applications.

Why should I use powered roller conveyors from Robotunits?

Persönliche Beratung zu dem Robotunits Rollenförderer

Outstanding quality. Uncompromising service. Fastest delivery times.

The Robotunits roller conveyor technology offers much more than just rollers. Integrated, fixed or adjustable side guides allow individual adjustment down to the last detail. As a plug-and-play solution from the modular automation system, roller conveyor modules can be commissioned and expanded easily, quickly and flexibly. Your highest satisfaction is our claim. We place particular emphasis on personal advice and uncompromising service in every respect.

Application examples from roller conveyor technology

The modular system of roller conveyor technology offers both a variety of technologies and an even greater variety of application options. To simply transport products from A to B, driven roller conveyors or gravity roller conveyors are used to implement simple logistical processes and transport operations. Powered roller conveyors are also particularly suitable for buffering in production. Whether automotive, manufacturing or retail: the powered roller conveyor offers a solution in all industries. Especially as a feeder for packaging machines, a roller conveyor synchronized with zero pressure accumulation is the ideal addition.

FAQ – Powered roller conveyors

Frequently asked questions about the Robotunits Powered Roller Conveyor system

The most frequently asked questions and answers about the Robotunits roller conveyor modules can be found here. If we have not answered your question in this FAQ section, please do not hesitate to contact us personally. Our experts will be happy to answer your individual questions.

How does a conveyor work?

With roller conveyor technology from Robotunits, there is always a motor roller that moves a zone with several conveyor rollers. The entire roller conveyor is driven by 24V. All controls are already built into the profile. If required, the ZPA logic can be integrated directly via sensors. As a plug-and-play solution from the modular automation system, the driven roller conveyor from Robotunits can be easily, quickly and flexibly integrated into your operation.
In the same way, our control system can also be accessed via a higher-level control system with PLC, or output signals and input signals can be taken. The Robotunits gravity roller conveyors are used for non-motorized applications.

What types of powered roller conveyors are there?

A basic distinction is made between driven roller conveyors and gravity roller conveyors. Various shapes and modules of driven roller conveyors cover a wide range of possible applications. This means that materials can also be transported around a curve at the right angle, for example. When branching off at 90°, the turntable or the transfer unit 90° offer the ideal solution, depending on whether the conveyed material is allowed to change direction or not. Another type of powered roller conveyor is the merger and outfeed conveyor. In addition to the system, the lift station plays a particularly important role in order to be able to use the roller conveyor technology across all levels.

How is a powered roller conveyor installed?

As a simple plug-and-play solution with standardized, integrated control, the Robotunits powered roller conveyor can be easily connected to the 24V mains supply. Here you have the choice between a Schuko and a CEE plug. The cable length can be selected as required so that the powered roller conveyor is ready for integration in your company. More complex processes require additional adaptation of the control system before the powered roller conveyor is used.

Is an incline possible with a roller conveyor?

With driven roller conveyors, inclination angles of up to 4° can be achieved as standard with the use of rubber coated rollers. ZPA is also possible here. Alternatively, gravity roller conveyors can also be used on a slope, for example, if the SLCs do not need to be stowed.

Do you have any further questions or special requirements? Feel free to contact us here.

How is a roller conveyor controlled?

With powered roller conveyors from Robotunits, the simple control is integrated directly into the profile. The simple controls include: ZPA (Zero Pressure Accumulation), transport in one direction and starting and stopping with the aid of sensors. In addition, more complex control systems can be easily connected by the customer using PLCs, for example.

Do you have any further questions or special requirements? Feel free to contact us here.

Which control units can be connected to the Robotunits powered roller conveyor?
Control systems
Controller PLC protocols

ZPA logic

Other logics(Customer via PLC)


(e.g.: Siemens)

(e.g.: Schneider)

(e.g.: Allen Bradley)

(e.g.: Mitsubishi)


(e.g.: Beckhoff)

For more detailed information and personal advice, please get in touch with your Robotunits contact person.

Can the powered roller conveyor be integrated into existing systems?

Yes, the Robotunits roller conveyor can also be integrated into a higher-level control system, i.e. an existing “third-party system”.

What support does Robotunits offer in selecting the right powered roller conveyor for my requirements?

Personal advice is very important to us. Our sales engineer in your region will be happy to discuss the best individual solution from our Robotunits modular automation system for your specific requirements.

When should I choose a turntable over a transfer unit 90°?

The major advantage of a transfer unit 90° is the option of retrofitting a roller conveyor without an integrated side guide. With its compact design, the transfer unit 90° is the more space-saving solution and tends to be designed for higher cycle times. With the turntable, on the other hand, the material to be conveyed is transported “in the correct position“, i.e. there is no change of direction. This can be particularly advantageous for SLCs with a barcode. Products can also be transported at an angle of 180°, for example.

What are typical applications for the merger?

Mergers are typically used in production lines, such as in a fishbone assembly(Ishikawa). The merger also comes with a pre-programmed ZPA logic, whereby priorities of the various mergers can also be assigned. The merger is an efficient solution for transporting goods especially in industries where the process involves several production or assembly steps.

Which material is best transported with a powered roller conveyor?

All material in small load carriers (SLCs) can be ideally transported using roller conveyor belts. As a minimum requirement, the transported material should be of a certain size so that they do not slip between the rollers. Cardboard boxes are also suitable for transport on roller conveyors, but depend on their settling behavior. We can also find a solution for dimensions that are not standard: simply reach out to us in person here.

Transport goods Examples:

plastic boxes cardboard boxes Standard dimensions of transported goods:

  • 300 x 400 mm und 400 x 600 mm
  • Special dimensions on request
Behälter 600x400x220
‌Default values Powered Roller Conveyor System:

  • Speed: from 10m/min to 30 m/min
  • Temperature range: from +2°C bis +40°C
  • max. product load 50 kg
What properties do I need to define in order to design an efficient powered roller conveyor?

Decisive criteria for the design of suitable roller conveyor technology are: Conveyed material, dimensions, weight, ambient temperatures, stowage locations and cycle time, buffer locations if applicable, as well as a description of the process that is as detailed as possible. The topics of power supply, control logic, design variants and possible add-ons such as side guides are then discussed. Our inquiry form provides you with all the necessary information and allows you to send us your inquiry directly.

What is particularly important when choosing a powered roller conveyor?

The plug-and-play roller conveyors from our modular automation system are particularly low-maintenance due to the low number of wearing parts. The Poly-V belt can be easily replaced in a few simple steps. The patented protection guard guarantees safe transportation. This means that powered roller conveyors can be used in your company without additional protective equipment. For more complex systems, however, a protective fence can be attached directly to the conveyor line.

We are happy to help with the design of your belt conveyor. Individual and reliable:

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Tell us about your needs and together we will find the ideal solution for your challenge. Simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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