Safety Fence System

The easily constructed Safety Fence System

The Robotunits Safety Fence System for machines and robots offers flexibility and time-saving in design and assembly thanks to pre-assembled elements. Our enclosures comply with international standards and offer maximum machine safety for industry thanks to maximum stability. In our configurator you can individually design the safety fence system for your machine.

All-inclusive offer

  • included in price and delivery: Ready to plug in, completely pre-assembled elements and doors
  • safety fence system modular in the modular system
  • choice of predefined standard widths and heights
  • special solutions on request

Ready to install

  • easy installation of fully assembled panels
  • minimum time required for on-site assembly

Form-fitted grid integration

  • impact rated up to 80kg at 10km/h
  • small number of parts
  • visually appealing design

High flexibility

  • easy disassembly for quick and large-area access
  • safety fence course possible at any angle for any element

Maximum conservation of resources

  • only one person required for setup
  • only one Allen key size needed
  • reusable components

Fully integrated Safety Fence System

  • continuous, uniform 14mm t-slot
  • full compatibility with the complete modular system
  • simple and time-saving attachment options
  • use of standard elements

Save time, cut cost

  • no construction effort
  • simple panel selection efficient one-person installation
  • simple adjustment and setup on-site
  • just one order code for an assembled panel
  • easy attachment of accessories (safety switches, etc.)