Extrusion Technology 40mm Series

The unique 14mm uniform T-slot for all aluminum extrusion

The key element of the Modular Automation System by Robotunits is the unique extrusion technology made of aluminum. The 40mm extrusion series is ideal for assembly cells, lightweight frames in industrial applications and a wide range of other designs. With the help of the Robotunits fastener and the unique 14mm standard t-slot, all extrusions are fully compatible across both series.


  • extra large, 14mm uniform T-slot
  • concave extrusion surface
  • tubular Honeycomb structure


  • compatibility of the entire Extrusion Technology, process reliability due to thread depth as per standard
  • life-long vibration resistance due to concave extrusion surface
  • outstanding torsion and load resistance

Default values

  • length: up to 6 meters
  • extrusion technology can be combined in 40mm and 50mm extrusion series
  • 14mm uniform T-slot in all extrusions
  • post insertion of heavy duty Drop-in Nuts up to M8 possible

Special features

  • more with less: 13 standard extrusions can be combined with each other
  • tubular honeycomb design
  • maximum wall thickness at the critical extrusion points
  • unlimited re-usability
  • centering in the base of the extrusion T-slot
  • all extrusions anodized, no surface finishing necessary
  • immediate processing due to adhesive label and thread cuts
  • lightweight extrusion "Lean Line" available in the 40mm extrusion series