Belt Conveyor options:

From inclined conveyors for transporting bulk material to mobile belt conveyors

Conveyor technology is used in countless areas of production. Thanks to their individual adaptability, Robotunits Belt Conveyors in particular are a real all-rounder for taking your production efficiency to the next level. Why a Robotunits Belt Conveyor could be the solution for your application? Find out more about the Belt Conveyor options from our Modular Automation System in this blog. 

Examples of our wide range of Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyors are an efficient and cost-effective way of transporting various types of goods. They can be used for both horizontal and vertical transportation applications – depending on their configuration. At Robotunits, we offer a large selection of Belt Conveyors for a wide range of applications. In this blog post, we would like to introduce you to some tried-and-tested examples from the field and explain how they can help you to increase your productivity.

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Inclined conveyors: space-saving and customizable

The inclined conveyor is a version of our Belt Conveyors for transporting goods upwards. The angle of inclination is adjusted according to your project requirements, depending on the transported goods and route.

The bending conveyor technology offers another special application. It transports goods over two levels by bending the conveyor belt at a Z- or L-shaped angle. This is ideal for saving space in your production area or for easily overcoming height differences. You can adapt the bend angles individually for your application and equip the conveyor belt with various drive types. This design is particularly suitable for transporting bulk material to different levels.

Mobile belt conveyor: flexible and easy to position

Our mobile belt conveyors are ideal for dynamic environments where quick and easy repositioning is required. What are your benefits? Especially when the belt conveyor docks at different machines or stations, you save valuable time in the process. For even more customization options, we offer the use of AGV Top Modules. And here too, the key is a wide range of application solutions for the individual needs of our customers. With the Robotunits AGV Top Modules, you can ensure smooth and precisely positioned transfers and takeovers of transported goods in your production. Find out more about the Robotunits various AGV Top Modules: 

Mannlose Schicht dank Etagenförderer für individuellen Produktionspuffer
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Buffer application: scalable and efficient

Our production buffers make it possible to automatically provide goods that are required for the production process. These include, for example: Raw materials, packaging material or semi-finished products. The principle of the buffer application is particularly widespread at high working speeds or when using the just-in-time process. For example, in companies in the automotive industry. Their purpose is to ensure that the goods are delivered at the right time. This avoids production downtimes and the associated delays.

Our application solutions from production buffers:

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Our Belt Conveyor options offer a variety of solutions for efficient material transport in a wide range of applications. Regardless of whether you want to transport bulk material, save space, optimize production processes or work flexibly – Robotunits has the right solution for you. Discover even more applications with the Robotunits Modular Automation System on our website: 

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