C4N type: E 80x525

Belt Conveyor
Conveying direction: Pulling
Frame width[mm]: 80
Length[mm]: 525
Drive / idler pulley diameter[mm]: 45/45

Manufacturing number: 1235990
Dimensions W x L [mm]: 70×1097.0
Belt color: White
Characteristics: Medium adhesive, Horizontal, Inclined
properties: Easy cleanability, Smooth and pore-free belt surface
Food approval: FDA, EU

Speed[m/min]: 14.92
Drive : SEW Spiroplan gear motor WA20DRN63M4
230/460V, 60Hz IP54
P = 0.18 kW. i = 16.5
Aluminum not painted
Terminal box position [°]: 270
Motor orientation[°]: 0

Temperature control: No
Motor configuration: Front end direct drive left

Load[kg]: 5
Accumulating operation: No
Slider bed: stainless steel
Side guide : No

Completely assembled and tested