More With Less: Lean Manufacturing With Modular Automation Systems

Lots of manufacturers have their own version of lean production—from improving the flow of goods on the factory floor, to using team-based tools to increase productivity. At Robotunits, our modular products themselves embody lean principles.


One of the guiding principles of lean is reducing waste, keeping the number of parts to a minimum while still meeting quality and performance standards. Our unique extrusion and fastening technology consists of multifunctional components that minimize the number of parts you need for any given automation system. For example, one of our standardized parts can perform six different applications, whereas competitive systems may require up to six different pieces of hardware to perform each application.

Saving Time from Design to Assembly

A key element of our automation system is our extrusion and fastening technology. Although there are various options in both the 40- and 50-millimeter extrusion families, both sizes are compatible thanks to their 14-millimeter T-slot. By standardizing the slot in this way, you reduce hardware by a factor of three. By contrast, other Cartesian system manufacturers require a new set of components any time they change extrusion size.


In addition to reducing the number of components, our modular system also has assembly advantages. Our drop-in T-nut (up to M8) fits both 40- and 50-millimeter extrusions, enabling you to mix and match parts while offering protection against unintended movement. And with our standardized hardware, you don’t have to worry about drilling or milling—making the connection process quick, easy and cost-effective.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Combining our modular automation system with our fastening technology brings you several advantages, including:

  • Unlimited reusability. Because you can connect our components without any drilling or milling, you can reuse our extrusions and save on material costs.
  • Easy post-assembly changes. Easily integrate or reposition struts post-assembly without dismantling the frame or cutting the existing structure.
  • Save time and cut costs. Our modular systems keep your assembly time to a minimum. Extrusion length is the only measurement you need—no boreholes or drawings required.

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We utilize our extrusion and fastening technology in our linear motion units, conveyor systems, accessories and more—enabling you to quickly connect extrusions without having to worry about additional hardware. This minimization of components not only cuts costs and reduces valuable design and assembly time, but it also limits the amount of waste—a key aspect of our lean philosophy.